There are moments and milestones in our lives that just pass by.   They're gone too fast and forgotten too easily.
Don't let those moments pass you by, CAPTURE them!

Capture Your Memories
Capturing memories on the tracks
I love capturing the present to preserve it for the future.  That's why photography has intrigued me for so many years.  An image has the ability of capturing today what will soon be forgotten tomorrow.  Photographs not only show you the past, but they have a unique ability to take you back in time and actually feel the emotions of that time.
I knew long ago that I loved taking pictures,  but I never truly realized how deep that passion was until after our first son was born.  I wanted to capture everything he was doing.  His first bite of real food, his first steps, EVERYTHING!  Now we have two boys and the need to record everything hasn't changed a bit.  Every parent can attest to how fast time goes, how quickly their children grow, and how quickly the milestones simply pass by, but you don't have to be a parent to realize that moments in your life go by way faster than you could ever imagine.  Often times without an extra thought, only to be forgotten shortly after.  I hate to admit it, but I can't even remember what my boys looked like a couple years ago!  However after looking at pictures of them, I not only remember each moment, but it takes me right back to when it happened.  I can feel that moment.  I want to help you capture your memories, your milestones, and any other moments you'll want to remember and cherish for a lifetime.
Don't let your moments pass, CAPTURE them!
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